Greetings, Easynode!

What is NHipster?

Easynode is a framework for microservice written with es6 and integrated a light web service based on koa and a light tcp servic based on native socket. You can utilize all feature characters of ES6 in the framework.


Our general purpose is to code with a synchronized way but run in an asynchronous way for the web project written Node.JS.

  • Code synchronized, Run asynchronous
  • Namespace of the class like java
  • Convenient injection configuration like Spring Boost
  • Standard template structure, including Controller, Routes, a part of Services, If you are lazy, you can take advantage of this service nei will be open in the future to generate scaffold

Sample & Sources

You can checkout a sample generated application here.

Easynode is Open Source, and all Tech stack development is done on GitHub

  • If you want to code with us, feel free to join!
  • If you like the project, please give us a star on GitHub